Husk Spiced Bam Bam Rum

Husk Spiced Bam Bam Rum

Husk Spiced Bam Bam Rum

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Boasting our signature spice flavour profile of roasted wattle seed, native ginger, sun-dried orange, vanilla, cinnamon and golden berries with a pinch of sea salt, Bam Bam is distilled with 100% Tweed Valley Cane Honey and aged for a minimum of 2 years on rejuvenated ex Penfolds hogsheads.

Colour: Golden

Nose: Cinnamon and orange lead into a balanced blend of ginger, raw sugar and vanilla. Hints of golden berries at the end.

Palate: In line with the nose, silky cinnamon and orange-peel notes are followed by a kick of ginger, raw sugar and vanilla goodness. A hint of tart golden berries and sea salt.

Finish: Roasted nut and coffee bean.

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