At Sense of Taste, we believe that a responsible and sustainable approach to business is not just an option but an essential. One step at a time we are making a positive impact in our environment. Find out more about our journey and commitment to sustainability below.

LED and Energy-Efficient Lighting:
To reduce our energy consumption and environmental footprint, we have invested in state-of-the-art LED and energy-efficient lighting throughout our store. These lighting solutions not only provide a welcoming atmosphere but also help lower our electricity usage.

Paperless Administration:
We are committed to reducing paper usage in our administrative processes. While we strive to be as paperless as possible, some documents may still require printing. However, we take steps to ensure minimal paper waste, and we encourage customers to opt for digital communication whenever possible.

On-Demand Receipt Printing:
To minimise waste and reduces the consumption of paper, which can be harmful to the environment. We will only print receipts as per the customers request.

Regulated Refrigeration:
We employ energy-efficient refrigeration systems with advanced technology to regulate temperature accurately. This ensures that our products are kept at their best while minimising energy consumption.

"Small Acts, Big Impact."