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Godminster Organic Cheddar 200g - It may just look like a cute heart shaped cheddar, but this cheese from England is rich and tangy with a creamy texture that is the perfect finish!

Cremeux de Bourgogne Truffle 100g - A triple cream with a very strong summer Italian truffle through the middle. This line may seem thin, but the truffle certainly packs a punch!

P'tit SAinte Maure Ash Goat's milk log 170g - A goat's milk cheese log that has been rolled in ash. A beautiful creamy cheese with a stronger flavor.

Petit Gaugry 70g - This is a wash rind that has been aged in Marc de Bourgogne, a French brandy. This cheese has a robust and rich flavour that is sure to please.

Devine Dairy Organic Blue 160g - Fruity and mild; organic and bio-dynamic. Perfect for the blue beginner and blue connoisseur alike.

Udder Delights Goats Brie 105g - This is a luscious, surface ripened goat cheese with a delicate texture and subtle flavour. It is perfect for a cheese platter accompanied by figs or pears. Feel the sides of the cheese before cutting it open. If it is very soft, then carefully cut a lid out of the top of the to create a self-contained bowl of oozy paste that looks beautiful and will keep the platter neat.

Divine Dairy Organic Camembert 200g - This round of white mould cheese is hand made in a traditional fashion using organic bio dynamic milk. The Camembert ripens to become lusciously creamy, as a direct result of the buttery milk, coupled with a complex and pungent flavour like that of its French originators.

Divine Dairy Organic Double Cream Brie 200g - Inspired by French brie cheeses, this hand made white mould cheese is dense, delicious, and decadent. Made from organic, bio dynamic milk.
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