Fossey's Redgum Rum


Fossey's Redgum Rum

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A flavour, unlike anything you have ever experienced before, our Redgum Rum is the epitome of an Australian rum with a unique Fossey’s twist.

Bringing a completely new flavour concept to a classic and well-loved spirit, Fossey’s Redgum Rum is something truly indescribable.

With good (ok, fantastic) colour, the years of dedication to perfect something completely new to the spirit market has well and truly paid off.

Handcrafted in Mildura on a small copper still, Fossey’s Redgum Rum is matured on 100-year-old Redgum staves and finished on oak barrels for a well-rounded flavour.

If you could capture “Australia” in a bottle, this would be it.

Creamy and woody with lush quality Rum richness, we’re just making up words now really because nothing can truly describe this uniqueness of flavour whilst being the absolute definition of an incredible rum.

Without a doubt, our Fossey’s Redgum Rum will be a fantastic conversation piece and your new go-to Rum.

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