Penfolds Grange 2015 Magnum

Penfolds Grange 2015 Magnum

Penfolds Grange 2015 Magnum

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The original and most powerful expression of Penfolds multi-vineyard, multi-district blending philosophy, Grange is arguably Australia’s most celebrated wine and is officially listed as a Heritage Icon of South Australia. Crafted utilising fully-ripe, intensely flavoured and structured Shiraz grapes, the result is a unique Australian style that is now recognised as one of the most consistent of the world’s great wines. With an unbroken line of vintages from the experimental 1951, Grange clearly demonstrates the synergy between Shiraz and the soils and climates of South Australia.

Initially, the ‘enlivened’ dark fruits of a Christmas pudding or boiled fruitcake mix demand attention.

But there’s much more to complement these fruits – impressions of ironstone, graphite, iodine, black ink, and a black pudding viscosity.

Formidable, meshed tannins – texturally honeycombed, without the honey!

Oak has entwined itself invisible. Yes, every barrel is still new, and completion of fermentation off skins in the barrel is still Grange modus operandi.

Integrated, measured ... and clearly more than one sip required to gain an authentic ‘first-impression’.

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