Blue Pyrenees Midnight Cuvee

Blue Pyrenees Midnight Cuvee

Blue Pyrenees Midnight Cuvee

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Notes from Producer

The production of “Methode Traditionnelle” (fermented in this bottle) sparkling wines has been an integral part of the winemaking at Blue Pyrenees Estate for many years. Although handpicked fruit is desirable for the production of premium sparkling juices, daytime temperatures in most Australian wine regions mean that hand-picked fruit is often too warm when received into the press. In 1992 the team at Blue Pyrenees decided to experiment with hand picking at night, under lights, to optimize both fruit condition and temperature. The night harvesting resulted in an amazing improvement – crisper cuvee (free drained) juices of outstanding quality, with higher natural acidity and the Midnight Cuvee was born!

Appearance: Brilliant pale straw with a very fine bead of persistent gentle bubbles.

Nose: The aroma is delicate and complex with characteristics of cracked yeast and freshly baked apple danish.

Palate: Upon tasting there is a lovely fine mousse in the mouth with apple strudel notes on the front palate, followed by a soft dry creamy mid palate, then the fine minerally acid backbone drives a crisp finish.

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