Billecart-Salmon Le Clos Saint-Hilaire 2005

Billecart-Salmon Le Clos Saint-Hilaire 2005

Billecart-Salmon Le Clos Saint-Hilaire 2005

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Notes from Producer

This unique Blanc de Noirs cuvée bears the name of the Patron Saint of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ.

The one-hectare Clos Saint-Hilaire meets the strictest guidelines: a single enclosed, contiguous parcel with complete winemaking facilities on site. The terroir's magic combined with the wine maker's skills make this wine exceptional. Made only from Pinot Noir vinified in casks, it develops an outstanding purity. This single varietal of incredible typicity has all the qualities of an exceptional wine of great depth and singularity, to be kept for long-term aging.

Only 3,500 - 7,500 bottles are produced each year, and each is individually numbered.

Appearance: A sublime golden yellow hue, underlined by intense golden reflections. A graceful effervescence softened by the patina of time.

Nose: A noble and racy expression with the olfactory impact of an elegant vinosity and complex aromatic notes (shortbread biscuits, floral fragrances and white truffle). A refined blossoming highlighting the sparkling concentrations of ripe fruits (nuts, sweet spices and roasted mango).

Palate: A full-bodied and intense texture evoking citrus fruit flesh and pears in syrup (iodine notes, mandarin pulp), as well as subtle hints of panettone, bursting with rich flavors (puffed buckwheat and liquorice wood). The wine is characterised by a mesmerizing yet expressive charm, with a generosity that carries the finish towards a delicious chalky minerality.

Dosage: 1g/L

Ageing on lees: 170 months


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