Food Pairings With Your Favourite Red Wine

There's nothing we love more than a big glass of red. Whether you’re drinking with friends, unwinding after a big day, or simply trying a new red you picked up from the bottle shop - there's never a bad time to enjoy a glass of red. But, what if we could up the ante, what if we could pair our favourite red wine with the perfect meal, food, or appetisers. In this blog we will discover the perfect food pairings for your favourite glass of red.

One of Australia's most popular varieties, Shiraz is often known for its rich, full-bodied, and fruity characteristics. Common flavours found in Shiraz wines include blackberry, plum, black cheery and even some peppery or spicy undertones. Now, with any wine and food pairing we want to match the wine's weight and flavour intensity with the weight and flavour intensity of the food. So with that in mind, let’s get started.

Grilled meats with robust flavours pair amazingly with Shiraz. The wine's boldness complements the charred and smokey notes of grilled meat, so whether it's a grilled steak, BBQ ribs or lamb chops - you won't be able to get enough of it.

If you're after something a bit lighter and not a full meal, we'd recommend a hard cheese such as cheddar or gouda. The acidity and tannins of glass of Shiraz will cut through the cheese's creaminess.

Pinot Noir
Celebrated for its elegant and subtle characteristics Pinot Noir is a light to medium bodied red and is the perfect alternative to something like a Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon. So, for a more delicate wine, what does this mean for its food pairings?

Cheese and Charcuterie: Cheese with a more earthy flavours work well with Pinot Noir. Likewise, cured meats and charcuterie are the perfect match. A nice Pinot Noir will complement rather than overpower - allowing the flavours to shine through.

Roast Chicken: The lighter body, balanced acidity and fruity notes makes Pinot Noir pair perfectly with a delicious roast chicken. Being a lighter body compared to other varieties it doesn't overwhelm the flavours but again, compliments them. Leaving you with a delicious meal and beautiful glass of red to match.


Cabernet Sauvignon
Another full bodied red, Cabernet Sauvignon is a robust red wine known for dark fruity flavours, firm tannins, and lots of ageing potential. Here are a few standout food pairings we love with a glass of Cab Sauv. 

Red Meats: Meat like steak and lamb higher levels of fatty proteins in them which coat your mouth. The more you eat, the more this can diminish the flavour of your next bite. However, if you sip on your favourite Cabernet Sauvignon, the high levels of tannis and acidity help cut through the fatty coating to reset your palate. This means, each bite will be equally as tasty as your first.

Burgers: I mean, who doesn't love a burger? Similar to the above, juicy and meaty flavours of a traditional beef burger pair perfectly with Cabernet Sauvignon. We don't recommend overcooking your patty/meat - you want the burger to be medium-rate so that the meat retains the juicy flavours. Add some caramelised onions and mushrooms for some extra depth and you've got an amazing combination coming right up.

The key to this pairing is to make sure that the burger is not too well-done. We would recommend a medium-rare temperature for your burger so that the meat retains that juicy flavor that one comes to expect from a great burger.

Whatever the occasion, there's a perfect glass of red and a perfect food pairing to go with it. If you're ever unsure, be sure to reach out to our friendly team online or in-store. Trust us when we say, we know food and we sure do know wine.

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