Sense of Taste has just procured the GlenDronach Aged 50 Years

With a plethora of whiskies within our grasp, an unconsumable amount of discourse about colour, nose palate and finish, it makes it hard to simply begin to explore whiskies as a beginner. Sense of Taste has procured the spirit of what a truly outstanding whisky is . . .The GlenDronach Aged 50 Years.

This whisky's rarity is renowned, as only seventeen bottles were allocated throughout the nation. Maturing in the elusive Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry casks, followed by a final maturation in a single Pedro Ximénez cask before coming of age. 

Due to the rarity of this whisky, each bottle has been individually numbered. 

Sense of Taste is honoured to have Bottle No: 177 of 198.

Within Glendronach's two-hundred-year history, this bottle stands as the embodiment of their dedication to single malt scotch whisky. 

1971 was the beginning of this bottle's long journey to becoming the renowned and highly sought after whisky it is today. From the bodegas of Jerez in Andalucía, Spanish oak casks were filled and left to mature in the Glendronach dunnage warehouses. 

Generation upon generation have taken custodianship over this whisky until it reached maturity. With each cask masterfully cared for by Glendronach's Master Blender. This alone is an astounding feat as the talent, knowledge and nurturing of each cask is a complex and delicate process that not many can master, let alone for fifty years. 

Overtime, only a few casks were to Glendronach's level of exceptionalism. Rachel Barrie selected this expression to be the first introduction of a 50 year-old single malt scotch whisky in Glendronach's long standing history, contributing to its highly sought after status. 

Layered with fragrance, aromas of ripe dark cherry and plum begin to fill the nose. This transcends into a harmony of rolling stone fruit, gentian and a plume of smouldering tobacco. Finally, refresh the senses with the lilting notes of bramble, orange and cranberry. 

At first taste, undertones of dark chocolate, tobacco and cocoa peak through. This carries you into a whirlpool of elegant plum and luxurious black cherry, all coated in the velvety flavour of espresso. 

The GlenDronach Aged 50 Years is for whisky connoisseurs and savants alike who strive to find the perfect balance of dedication and rarity. 

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