Tastings With Tyson - Shiraz Tasting

Wine connoisseur Tyson Stelzer led a fruitful Wine Tasting session with our esteemed Tasting Panel again last month. Featuring an array of over 50 Shiraz wines from various price points. The session consisted of five flights, each highlighting different characteristics of the wine.

Tyson handpicked some of his preferred Shiraz from the session and provided insights on what distinguishes them from others in the category.

Check out the four part series below.

 Part 1: An overview of Shiraz and the tasting.

Part 2: Tyson's Top Wines 

Part 3: Tyson's Top Wines

Part 4: Tyson's Top Wines

Our esteemed team had the pleasure of sampling over 50 Shiraz wines and rating each on a scale of 100. We then calculated the average score for all the wines and are thrilled to unveil the standout wines from the session.

You can view our top selections from the tasting in our Sense of Taste Selections collection here