Introducing the Newest Sense of Terroir

From charming landscapes, and world-class wines, Sense of Taste has taken to the hills of Australia's premier wine regions, fossicking for the best grapes to produce its new wine series - exquisite wine and exceptional value. Sense of Terroir returns with a captivating new release originating from the scenic Yarra Valley, presenting three outstanding wines eagerly awaiting your indulgence.

Sense of Terroir Yarra Valley Chardonnay

Crafted with utmost care, this Yarra Valley Chardonnay stands as an exceptional rarity, boasting an incredibly limited production of merely two barrels. Sourced meticulously from meticulously tended vines with low crop yields and handpicked grapes, the 2022 vintage in the Yarra Valley has gained acclaim for its low yield but high quality. When we emphasize the limited nature of this release, we truly mean it. Take a moment to appreciate the exquisite origins of this stunning Chardonnay, derived from only two carefully selected barrels.


Here's what you can expect...
 Aromas of seaspray, green apple and nectarine with an almond, green olive and nutmeg flavour on the palate.


Sense of Terroir Yarra Valley Cuvee Blanc

A refreshing and flavourful everyday white wine, our Sense of Terroir Yarra Valley Cuvee Blanc has citrus, cashew and brioche in its aromas and has a multitude of fresh fruits to indulge on. The palate brings white peach and citrus, with creamy nougat and brioche flavours to follow. 

Sense of Terroir Yarra Valley Pinot Noir Rose

We couldn't help but treat you all to a beautiful and delicate Pinot Noir Rose. Pinot Noir Rose has delicious aromas of strawberries and cream mixed with apple blossom. The palate brings pink grapefruit, macerated strawberry and raspberry sherbert. Perfect for those with a sweeter tooth wanting to try something new.


Want to know the best part about Sense of Terroir? Our newest wine series is incredibly affordable for all our customers. Get your very own Sense of Terroir wine series for no more than $24! 

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