Meet The Newest Edition To The Ian Hunter Story

Ian Hunter is back introducing to all you whisky lovers the third chapter of the Ian Hunter Story. Give a very warm welcome to the 33-Year-Old 2021 Ian Hunter Book 3!

This time Laphroaig® are bringing us a beautiful non-chill altered whisky with creamy liquorice notes, fully matured in ex-Bourbon barrels so that Laphroagi's unique characteristic shines on through.

The third instalment of the Ian Hunter Story honours the legacy of the last member of the Johnston family that owned and managed Laphroaig® distillery, and his efforts to preserve the Kilbride Stream. This is a story of uncompromising guardianship and a battle between neighbours, over every distillery’s essential lifeblood, its source of water.

In case you were unfamiliar, Laphroaig® is a well-known Scotch whisky distillery located on the Isle of Islay in Scotland. The distillery was founded in 1815 by brothers Donald and Alexander Johnston and has been producing whisky for over 200 years.

With a distinctive smokey and peaty flavour that is created by using malted barley that has been dried over peat fires. The distillery also uses local spring water and traditional copper pot stills to create the unique flavour profile we have all come to love.

What can you expect in this story?
With a deep copper colour, your nose will be greeted with pears, peaches and then apricots and lots of condensed sweetness. Followed by notes of honey and rose petal, a dash of nutmeg, and finishing with ashy-dry peat this Ian Hunter Story is one of the ages.

Your tastebuds can expect a sweet, syrupy, fruity mouthfeel to start, which will climb and coat the whole of your palate. It dips to a huge second wave of aniseed, followed by creamy liquorice notes, who wouldn't love that?

You will be left with a very long finish with lingering, alternating ashy vanilla and peary aromas.

So, what are you waiting for? The 33-Year-Old 2021 Ian Hunter Book 3 is ready and waiting for you at Sense of Taste.