Exploring Sense of Terroir's Newest Gem: Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc

Are you ready to embark on a sensory journey that captures the essence of charming landscapes and world-class wines? Sense of Terroir has ventured into the picturesque hills of Australia's premier wine regions, seeking out the finest grapes to craft their latest masterpiece - the Sense of Terroir Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc. Let us take you through our latest release and why this is a must-try!

Nestled in the Mount Lofty Ranges, just east of Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills region is renowned for its cool-climate vineyards and breathtaking scenery. This elevated terrain benefits from a climate characterized by cooler temperatures and higher rainfall, making it an ideal location for cultivating Sauvignon Blanc grapes. The unique terroir of the Adelaide Hills imparts distinctive flavors and aromas to the grapes, resulting in wines that are highly sought after for their elegance and freshness.

Priced affordably at $20.99, both online and in-store at Sense of Taste, this Sauvignon Blanc offers remarkable value for wine enthusiasts. Upon uncorking the bottle, you'll be greeted by intense aromas that foretell a delightful tasting experience. The wine's varietal flavours burst forth, and a refreshing natural acidity beautifully balances the palate. Notes of subtle passionfruit and zesty lemon curd dance across your taste buds, guiding you toward a finish adorned with hints of fresh basil. The wine's acidity lingers, creating a persistent and vibrant flavor profile, all underscored by a brilliant clarity and a hint of green tint.


With its bright acidity, this wine pairs wonderfully with seafood, salads, and dishes featuring goat cheese. Its ability to cut through rich and savory flavours makes it an excellent companion for a variety of cuisines. Whether you're savouring it on a warm summer evening or complementing your favorite dishes, the Sense of Terroir Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc promises an exceptional dining experience.

Sense of Terroir has captured the essence of the Adelaide Hills in their newest creation, the Sense of Terroir Sauvignon Blanc. With its intense aromas, varietal flavors, and refreshing acidity, this wine embodies the region's charm and elegance. So, why not indulge in a bottle and experience the sense of terroir that defines the Adelaide Hills in every sip? Head on down to your local Sense of Taste or order online your very own new and exclusive Sense of Terroir Sauvignon Blanc.

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