Discover Madam Sass Wines!

Created for those with a strong sense of individuality and intent of living life to the full, Madam Sass inspires you to explore who you are and what you enjoy. A collection of the best juicy, vibrant and full of attitude wines from Australia and the Globe. Madam Sass boast a simple yet sassy range of wines that all have their own quirks. There is the Chilean Pinot Noir, the French inspired Rose and the Italian style Pinot Grigio.

These wines are vivacious and vibrant, fleshy and elegant, to delight lovers of great wines. The Madam Sass spirit is all about living life with daring indulgence. Madam Sass is a homage to gutsy, daring and spirited individuals who hold little regard for the establishment and relish in taking risks. Our Madam Sass collection showcases seriously delicious and affordable wines. They are luscious, lively and seriously sassy.