Did someone say 'Try Rye'?

A purveyor and aficionado of Whiskies and Bourbon, Justin joined the Sense of Taste family with a vision, to make his Clayfield store the destination for like-minded lovers and collectors of rare and hard to find grain spirits

High West Double Rye is the entry level Rye Whiskey offering from the High West Distillery in Park City, Utah USA. For years, the Rye contained a blend of sourced-ryes consisting of a 2-year-old Midwest Grain Product (MGP) and 16-year-old Barton Rye. However, starting in 2018, the company started to substitute the 16-year-old sourced whiskey with the company’s own distillate that is aged up to 7 years. While exact ratios of the blend are not released by the company, they have stated in the past that the portion of home made High West Rye in the blend will always remain the minority, never surpassing 50% of the blend.

Tasting Notes -
Nose: Light hay, pine, a touch of oak, and the slightest of rye spice start things off. Weaving throughout are also prominent scents of fresh dill.
The Palate: on the lighter side of the spectrum. Muted sweet vanilla, oak, light flavours of honey, cinnamon stick, and light botanical notes come into view. Pushing against these flavours is a more prominent rye spice. Unlike the nose, the youth plays a more noticeable role as the younger rye’s two years in the barrel comes across as lighter and more muted notes.
The End Result: A flash of sweet rye spice starts the finish, followed by touches of sweet vanilla and oak. A simmering heat is present and is eventually joined by drier oak notes. Medium in length, the finish follows the same path that the palate did in presenting an unforgettable way to end the sip.

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High West Double Rye Whiskey $104.99