Diageo's latest collection has arrived: Elusive Expressions

If you're a fan of rare, high-quality Scotch whiskies, then you won't want to miss the latest collection from Diageo – the Elusive Expressions Special Releases 2022. This limited annual collection features eight natural cask strength whiskies, each one impeccably crafted and inspired by the stories of mythological and mysterious creatures.

The Elusive Expressions collection is the latest chapter in Diageo's most unconventional and immersive storytelling, following on from the success of Legends Untold. This year's collection pushes the boundaries of flavour, luring consumers to the edges of the flavour maps and showcasing the world of rare flavour possibilities from some of the portfolios most celebrated malt brands.

Each whisky in the Elusive Expressions collection is a limited edition, chosen with immense care by some of the world's finest whisky craftsmen and women from the world's largest reserves of Single Malt Scotch Whisky. The collection includes small offerings from fabled closed distilleries and supreme examples of lesser-known brands, as well as unusual expressions of more familiar names.

What sets these Special Releases apart is the unique collection of distilleries that Diageo has access to. With over 30 distilleries' stocks to draw from, the Special Releases are a rare opportunity to explore and enjoy the diversity of the Scotch Whisky world. Each release is a limited edition, which reinforces perceptions of rarity and drives collectability.

The Luxury Malt Scotch category is experiencing unprecedented growth, with consumers' appetite and demand for rare and high-aged liquids far outstripping the supply that distilleries can fulfill. The Elusive Expressions Special Releases 2022 brings value to consumers with something special that will halo the other products from these distilleries in your portfolio. These products are only produced once, so they need to be taken advantage of before they're gone.

The pack design features a QR code that unlocks access to a mythical world via a digital experience, leading consumers to discover each one of the Elusive Expressions stories and unique cocktail and serve book. The collection is highly anticipated in the whisky industry, attracting a new whisky audience beyond collectors and connoisseurs.

With this year's Special Releases, Diageo immerses consumers in a world of Elusive Expression through a digital experience and rich storytelling, building on the success of Legends Untold. Surprise and impress your friends and family with clearly rare, limited, and very high-quality luxury whisky as the ideal gift – the rarest expressions, only one production, exploring unique expressions from prestigious distilleries and interesting lesser-known distilleries.

You can buy the Elusive Expressions range at Sense of Taste online now. Don’t miss out on getting your hands on the latest collection.

View the full collection here.