Sense of Taste Tasting: Chardonnay

Chardonnay, often referred to as the "Queen of White Wines," is celebrated for its versatility and ability to reflect the terroir of its origin. Recently, we had the pleasure of embarking on an unforgettable chardonnay wine tasting experience that showcased the diversity of this beloved grape. The event featured an array of flights, each representing different price brackets and regions, from the renowned vineyards of Burgundy to the pristine landscapes of Tasmania, the lush Hunter Valley, the picturesque Adelaide Hills, and the sun-kissed Margaret River. With prices ranging from an affordable $19.99 to an opulent $275, this tasting promised to be a journey of both affordability and luxury.

The lineup was nothing short of impressive, with each flight offering a unique perspective on Chardonnay's expressive character. Led by world renowned Wine Expert Tyson Stelzer, Tyson took our tasting panel on a very exciting journey.

As the glasses were poured and the tasting began, a few standout wines emerged, capturing the attention and admiration of our discerning tasting panel. These remarkable Chardonnays left an indelible mark on our palates:

St Andrew's Chardonnay - Rated 91 by our tasting panel, this wine has exceptional ripe white peach and nectarine aromas along with hints of savoury biscuit and flinty minerality. 

Freycinet Chardonnay - With a rating of 90, this Tasmanian gem charmed us with mouth-watering acidity carrying the flavours, subtle oak and creamy textures to a satisfyingly long finish.

Warramate Chardonnay - Another 91-pointer, this wine from the Yarra Valley, this wine is a delightful example of a good, fruit-driven, and fresh expression.

Brokenwood ChardonnayEarning a score of 90 points, this delightful wine from Hunter Valley exhibits an ideal pale green hue and boasts elevated grapefruit fragrances. The integration of French oak complements the fine, juicy citrus flavors on the palate, subtly accompanied by bran meal notes.

Church Road Grand Reserve ChardonnayScoring an impressive 92 points, this New Zealand gem stands as a remarkable example of the delicate equilibrium achieved between succulent and bold fruit characteristics, and the minerality and purity derived from its expressive acidity.

Penfolds Reserve Bin A - Also scoring a 92, this South Australian masterpiece showcased the depth and opulence that can be achieved with Chardonnay in the right hands.

Hardys Eileen Hardy Chardonnay - With a rating of 91 points, this wine exemplifies the enduring legacy of one of Australia's iconic winemakers. Embodying  a more substantial, oak-infused, and robust style.

Prosper Maufoux Saint Aubin 1er Cru Clos du Chateau - Earning an impressive 94 points, this Burgundian beauty captivated us with its elegance, minerality, and a lingering finish that left us speechless.

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