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Portside – Archer BNEIPA 6.5%

Australia saw a lot of New England style IPAs release in 2017, with 90 percent seemingly using the words “juice” or “crazy lazy hazy Swayze” in the title. It makes sense, given NEIPAs are known for their juiciness and for looking like a hazy glass of orange juice. But, when ten Brisbane breweries join together to brew such a beer, they can be expected to bend the rules.

Thus it was that members of White Lies, Slipstream, Semi Pro, Helios, Revel, Newstead, Brisbane Brewing Co, Ballistic and Aether gathered at Archer Brewing’s headquarters to create a NEIPA with all the hops, but none of the haze. They called it a Bright New England IPA, or BNEIPA. And, since BNE is the abbreviation for Brisbane, as well as the airport code for Brisbane Airport (very on-brand for Archer Brewing), you just know they’re still patting themselves on the back for coming up with the name.

Squealer fill $14.99