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Portside – Croft Star Wizard Oak Aged Dark Sour Ale 6.3%

After many long nights searching the sky, the Star Wizard finally finds what she is looking for in the black abyss. It’s a fabled code that requires deciphering, but is claimed to hold the key to peace, joy and happiness. She thinks on the things that make her happy: music, family, eating, giving, friends, solitude, travelling, and dark beer. She wonders if any of these are the key. Excited by herdiscovery and exhausted from the journey, she takes rest with a richly complex, yet refreshingly quaffable dark, sour beverage. Tomorrow will be another long day, heading in the direction of the stars discretion, but for now the time belongs to her and her beer.

Black chocolatey malts combine with the Croft mixed culture (unknown quantities and varieties of Brett, Sacch, Lacto, and Pedio) with 4 months of ageing in ex-Chardonnay barrels. Earthy chocolate and pineapple aromas pave the way for upfront lactic acidity and flavours of spiced dark fruit cake, some Bretty funk, and background biscuit, toast, and oak. Whatever you’re searching for, this beer is the perfect way to celebrate the festive season.

Squealer fill $15.00

Growler Fill $25.00