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Portside – Ballistic El Calavera Mexican Stout 6.8%

Most of us bring things back when we go on holiday. Some people bring back souvenir shot glasses for friends. Some people bring back weird decorative things only to discover they don’t fit the style of their home at all. Ballistic’s head brewer Lachy Crothers went to Mexico and brought back a love of spicy hot chocolate and the seed of an idea for a new stout.

While Ballistic’s El Calavera is is in a similar vein to Stone Brewing’s Xocoveza, it’s less of an intense mouth explosion, more of a relaxing hot chocolate experience. The predominant flavours up front are smooth chocolate and lactose sweetness, with the spices – vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon – creeping in slowly. The chilli doesn’t reveal itself until the end of a sip, spreading a gentle warmth through the throat and chest rather than delivering the burning domination found in some chilli beers.

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Coorparoo – Ballistic Oaked XPA 5.8%

Oaked XPA

We discovered the truly harmonious relationship between Citra and American Oak. The response was so strong we to make it full time.

Tasting Notes

Citrus, vanilla, complex & moreish.


Magnum, Citra


Pils, Carahell



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Portside – All Inn Bill F. Murray Malt Liquor 5.5%

Humble and good-humoured, an American-style homebrew hero. Easy-going, with a touch of sweetness and just a little bit peppery. That’s the fact, Jack.

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Portside – Ballistic Hazy IPL 6%

Ballistic is comfortable with lagers. They proudly hold a craft lager in their core lineup. They call it Dirty Word, and push back against the idea that lager is a dirty word. Their head brewer will tell anyone who listens that a clean, well-made, true-to-style lager is one of his favourite things to drink. So it’s fun to see that they’re also happy to take a lager and boldly throw a bazillion hops in it until it’s almost unrecognisable as a lager.

They used apple puree in the boil to provide a thick, almost creamy body, and to boost the cloudy appearance. And it works wonders. This beer is crazy hazy – it’s almost gone all the way through looking like juice to looking like milk. The aromas and flavours are all juice, though. Passionfruit dominates the nose, but one taste opens it up to include citrus, tropical fruits, and a little banana.

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Portside – Ballistic Twang Tropical Sour 4.6%

Twang is a sound: the snap of a guitar string, the spring of a diving board, the shock of Wile E Coyote being shot from a giant bow. Twang is a sound… so how does it so perfectly describe the taste of this beer??

This tropical kettle sour is super light yellow and slightly cloudy, with plenty of hop presence on the nose thanks to the Galaxy, Wakatu and Citra. Take a sip, and experience citrus… with a twang. Passionfruit… with a twang. Mango, peach, apricot… with a twang. It could also be described as a zip, a zing, or a thwack, but twang contains everything you need to know. An entry level sour, with enough tartness to bring a new level of interesting to the tropical hops, but gentle enough to introduce to people who aren’t used to sour beers. A dry, tart finish brings a slightly savoury aftertaste, dispelling any puckering that took place.

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