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Coorparoo Square Staff


Scott developed an early interest in trying as many American Whiskeys as he could when he started in retail liquor close to 20 years ago. He has started venturing into Scotch/Irish/Japanese Whisky and loves finding bottles that are limited release or just hard to find. Scott has a passion about educating people about Whisk(e)y and also the beautiful cocktails that can be created with them. He loves to visit Kentucky, especially to hang out with Jimmy and Eddie Russell from Wild Turkey and his buddy Fred Noe, who is Jim Beam’s Great Grandson.

Hamilton Staff


Rasied in a red wine loving family in the heart of South Australia, a Barossa Shiraz or Coonawarra Cabernet was never far away. Moving to QLD in 2001, Peter developed a passion for all wine styles which took him away from his roots. He loves the fact that any day is a Chardonnay day in Brisbane. Peter has worked in the wine industry for the majority of the last 20 years and has found his niche in the retail sector. He loves sourcing those rare and hard to find gems!

Hamilton Staff


George has been an active amateur home brewer for many years. He loves tinkering with brews to get the best out of them, always looking to make something better than last time or bring out some different characteristics. He is extremely passionate about great beer and is always up to date on everything that is new and happening on the craft scene. An annual migration to GABS festival is a permanent booking in George’s life – some would say beer is his religion!